20 Essay Topics for High School – All Kinds

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We suggest 5 interesting essay topics for high school students for each kind of English essays – argumentative, persuasive, compare and contrast, and narrative. Find more online.

20 Different Kinds of English Essay Topics for High School Students

Whether you are a teacher or a student, searching essay topics for high school students may not be a choice, but a need. As an instructor, you may be finding them for ideas to form exam questions. As a student, you may want to read all sorts of topics to best prepare for exams. So here we share a total of 20 high-school level topics of different kinds of writing projects including argumentative, persuasive, comparison and contrast, and narrative essays.

5 High-School Argumentative Essay Topics

High-school students commonly have to write argumentative essays. They inculcate the skills of defending stance with logical reasoning. Good examples of argumentative essay topics for high school students include:

How thin is too slim for a female model?
Should fathers be entitled to paternity leave?
Should there be classes of religion in school?
Should Church be separate from state?
Is global warming fake or a real phenomenon?

Persuasive High-School Level Topics – 5 Options

Persuasive essays are very important. If you are looking for persuasive essay topics for high school, here are few examples. Research them well while preparing for exam:

Professional athletes should be screened for drugs before contests.
Media is the single most powerful source of advertisement.
Employers should not review applicants’ social media accounts while hiring.
Running is the healthiest form of exercise.
Bullying is the most important issue children face in schools.

5 Topics for Comparison / Contrast Essays Suitable for High-School

These essays are based on similarities and differences between subjects. You may draw comparison in a block format or point-by-point. Some good compare and contrast essay topics for high school students are as follows:

Summer vacations vs winter holidays.
Differences and similarities between management and leadership.
To marry or not to marry.
Nutritional value of corn grain vs wheat.
Psychiatry vs psychology; how they are alike and different.

High-School Narrative Essay Topics – 5 Ideas

It involves reflective writing. They are personal accounts of the writers. Here’s a list of narrative essay topics for high school students:

How I conquered my fear of exams.
My first family vacation.
A terrible restaurant experience.
How I developed the skill of reading in speed.
When I used an expired facial scrub.

Where to Find Informative Essay Topics for High School

Fortunately, we live in the age of the Internet. Just like it’s your first choice for any information you want, it’s also the best source for all types of essay topic ideas. Whether it’s the history essay topics for high school students you are looking for or topics for geography essays, hundreds of webpages containing them can be accessed in a click.

All you have to ensure is that you use relevant keywords while doing the search. Mention complete keywords containing both the kind of topic and the required academic level. For example, ‘expository essay topics for high school’ is a suitable phrase for search.