Exemplification Essay Topics and Characteristics

Exemplification Essay Topics and Characteristics

Exemplification essays substantiate arguments with proofs. Arguments are derived from the thesis. See our exemplification essay topics list. More are available online.

Some Options for Topics for Exemplification Essay

These argumentative essays necessarily include definitive reasons to support the writer’s claim. The list of exemplification essay topics for college students is very long as the content can be based on a wide range of issues. Few sample topics are:

Does your body image influence your performance at work?
Are diet drinks a safe alternative for regular drinks?
Factors to consider while deciding your profession.

The Kinds of Reasons Typically Included in an Exemplification Essay

Points in an exemplification essay are proven with particular examples. For instance, for a paper on the adverse impact of global warming on the environment, saying that it’s effects are harmful doesn’t serve the purpose. This claim needs to be supported with strong evidence so that the dangerousness of global warming becomes evident to the readers. Typical reasons suitable in this case include:

Water shortages caused by the melting of glaciers.
Extreme weather conditions including heat waves and hurricanes caused by climate change.
Extinction of many animal and plant species resulting from altering ecosystems.

12 Easy Exemplification Essay Topics to Choose From

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of 12 exemplification essay topics examples. You may use them like they are or modify them as per your requirement. Start with research on whatever topic you select from among the options given below:

Can obesity of children be controlled with sugar-free food?
Have smartphones more improved or damaged people’s relations?
Is marriage a need or an option?
Does going vegetarian actually protect the animals?
The influence of latest technology on children
Can there be a happy polygamous relationship?
Is asbestos dangerous for our lungs?
Should there be a free period in high-school?
Is high education necessary for becoming a businessman?
Should cigarette smoking be allowed in college?
Does online education address all needs of students?
Is social media a reliable source of news?

Typical Characteristics of an Exemplification Essay

If you get a chance to select a topic of your choice, it’s best to go with one that you know a bit about, and can easily access the relevant statistics for evidence. You need to validate your viewpoint with substantial proof. The following features are typical of exemplification essays:

They carry appropriate details of the subject.
Opinions are made on the basis of facts and logic.
It has a strong persuasive appeal to the readers.
The paper has some kind of argument revolving around the thesis statement throughout its body.

To start it the right way, you may use a popular question or phrase to instantly grab the attention of the readers. It should be customized to the requirements of the target audience. So you should be clear on what category of people will be interested in reading your essay.

Best Source to Consult for Topic Ideas on Exemplification Essay

The Internet is loaded with topics. Simply search ‘good exemplification essay topics’ on Google. Select any topic from the myriad of results that show up.